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Athletic Dance Championship: “Pro-Am Titans” Raining Gold

Athletic Dance Championship: “Pro-Am Titans” Raining Gold

The “Pro-Am Titans” parquet debut was a complete success. With four dancers, Geinzendorf dance professional Christoph Holczyk competes for three days of the tournament.

Gainserndorf. “What a great weekend! Last week’s competition at the InterContinental in Budapest was followed by another dance tournament at the Golebiewski Hotel in Wisła, Poland,” says Holczyk, who is excited about the current championship show.
In Budapest, the professional dancer completed a total of 84 dances in all dance categories with the ladies Krista Kramer, Lucia Fröschel, Evangelia Fegoli and Krista Schäringer. But it showered 43 gold medals and five silver medals.
The following weekend, the pentathlon won 16 gold and five silver medals in Wisla. The ladies put a total of 42 laps on the floor.

The search for a dance partner is successful

The principle of the Pro-Am Dance Competition is easy to explain. Ladies and gentlemen who no longer want to find a dance partner and also want to avoid the usual partner conflicts, have taken the opportunity to distinguish themselves with a professional dancer.
Amateur dancer Lucy Weikendorf swears by this principle. I was so confused that I couldn’t find the right dance partner. Now I have a dance partner and I can be sure that I will be professionally guided during the dances, ”the dancer is happy with her successes with professional dancer Chris.
Groß-Enzersdorf’s Christa Scharinger takes the same line, as does the rest of the new dance family, which hails from Vienna.
This type of competition always attracts dance lovers and usually lasts for two days. What sets them apart is the lavish atmosphere that gives these dance tournaments a special ball-like sparkle.

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