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Athletics – St. Poltner Union European Championships

Athletics – St. Poltner Union European Championships

The first bad news hit St. Pölten athletics on Wednesday. Lena Pressler had to cancel her start in the 400m hurdles in Rome after suffering edema in her ankle bone the previous week. “I'm already fully in treatment, and I hope I can compete again at the state championships at the end of June,” she explained.

The incredible happened in the first 100m semi-final and the focus was also on Markus Fuchs, an athlete from Union St. Pölten. The Austrian runner and 100m record holder came off the starting blocks well and was in the lead. However, the athletes in the outer lanes did not hear the false start signal, while the other runners slowed down after about 20 metres. The return shot, which was audible on the field, did not occur until about 50 meters later. However, in the noisy Olympic Stadium in Rome, Italian Matteo Melozzo and Marcus Fuchs did not hear that and ran the entire track at full speed. Twenty minutes later, the results report showed a negative reaction time of -9/100th of a second for Brunner and a warning for “interference with startup process.”

The race was only repeated after the third semi-final, about 30 minutes after the actual start time. At the next start, it all finally worked out, and the 28-year-old got off to a good start in his fourth European Championships appearance and remained level with the leaders until the halfway point. But then he fell back a bit, but with 10.29 seconds to go, the World Indoor Championships finalist had a very good performance considering the conditions. In the end, Fuchs finished only 13th overall, only able to reach the final with eight segments to go, so Italian Olympic and local champion Marcel Jacobs was able to win in a time of 10.02 seconds.

Marcus Fuchs falls to his knees after being knocked out in the semi-finals on the track in Rome.


“That was the craziest day of my career so far. Of course I'm very sad because the chance to reach the final was there. I still don't know exactly what happened, half the field didn't notice the bouncing shot. 10.29 seconds is my best time in a major event so far, on Despite the two runs, this shows that I belong to the top in Europe. However, after being eliminated in the semi-finals, Fox still has to worry a little about his participation in the Olympics and the Al-Ittihad athlete fears “if the start of the Olympics is lost due to this drama at the European Championships “It would be very bitter for me.”

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Lindner missed out on promotion to the semi-finals by only seven hundred

As at the last European Championships in Munich in 2022, Magdalena Lindner (St. Pölten Union) competed again in the 100 metres. With a time of 11.52 seconds, the woman from Krems missed her season's best by 12 hundredths of a second and finished sixth in the race. This time, the 24-year-old missed the required semi-final by seven-hundredths, finishing seventeenth in the qualifiers, having missed just one-hundredth two years ago. However, at the time, the level was not as high as this year, where 11.57 was enough to advance.

“I felt very good and I think my run was good too. I was sure I would be able to do what was required. There wasn't much missing and this was my fastest appearance in the tournament so far, so I shouldn't be disappointed. It was “The level is very high today, and it is of course unfortunate that it did not work out.”