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La Liga: Barcelona lost the jump to the Champions League rank – football – international

La Liga: Barcelona lost the jump to the Champions League rank – football – international

Barcelona was denied the next three points in the 20th round of the Spanish League. At FC Granada, the Catalans conceded a late 1-1 draw and squandered the jump to third place.

Barcelona tried to control the match at an early stage, followed by a short cheer nine minutes later. Loud Luc de Jong heads for stealth as he heads toward the far corner. After nearly ten minutes, the Dutchman didn’t lack much of a scorpion kick. Only a low shot from Marches, which Ter Stegen can tame, makes Granada dangerous (27th place).

In the second 45 minutes, De Jong became the presumed winner of the match. Dani Alves, celebrating his comeback in the La Liga, found the striker’s header a buttery cross, which hit the right corner from a central position – 1-0 (57)!

The second win in a row was shaken up by star star Gavi, who was sent off for his late entry in yellow and red (79th place). Granada immediately smells that a counter is in the air, and thus hits in the 89th minute. A cross does not make Barcelona clear, Puerta pulls out of the turn to the left corner of the cross – 1: 1! In injury time Montoro left the winning goal behind, Ter Stegen saved with a big reaction (90 + 5).

There is no ÖFB Corps Yusuf Demir in the Barcelona squad.

Instead of jumping to third place in the table, Barcelona remains in sixth place with 32 points. Granada is eight points behind in twelfth place.

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