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Atomos Cloud Studio officially launches subscription and live production

Atomos Cloud Studio officially launches subscription and live production

Atomos Cloud Studio will officially launch today and be fully functional – depending on the subscription option booked, live and remote productions can now also be performed. In the course of this–Cloud-Studio-ist-live–die-Co-17319.html (all previous (beta) accounts) will be converted to subscription options Converted and downgraded experience. As a non-paying customer, video material cannot be streamed directly or uploaded to in 720p.


Higher resolution, better quality and many other functions are reserved for other subscription levels, for example there is faster loading. Transferring files to the cloud starts from the cheapest alternative at five euros per month while recording is in progress. Additionally, RTMP servers are also supported as well as social media platforms when streaming. Live production via the Atomos Cloud Studio Portal can also only be performed using one of the paid subscription options.

Atomos also serve as a gateway to real-time feeds into live productions, while integrated signal lights and an intercom system that uses headphone and microphone jacks may also be available. Depending on scope and job requirements, direct production costs between 5 and 25 credits, which corresponds to €2.50 to €12.50 per hour – billing is based on a points system. Show Credit costs 50 cents an hour and can be purchased in credit packages (100 points for €50).


Atomos distinguishes three types of live performances. Basic Show supports four input sources, each with two audio channels, picture-in-picture overlay and graphics display. The Standard view also features an 8-channel mixer and 4-channel intercom, while the Advanced view adds HTML5 animations and a 4-band EQ on the audio mixer. Another iPad can also be used for direct control – see table for more functions:

Three new live production apps appear in the Apple App Store, Atomos – Pro Camera app for iOS, Atomos – Surface app for iPadOS / iOS, and Atomos – Monitor for tvOS. Also, AtomOS v10.90.00 firmware for Ninja V/V+ with ATOMOS CONNECT and Shogun CONNECT will follow soon. Required to use the new service.