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ATP: Dominic Thiem loses to comeback in Marbella - Athletic Mix

ATP: Dominic Thiem loses to comeback in Marbella – Athletic Mix

Dominic Thiem must admit defeat in the rematch after a 280-day injury.

The 28-year-old former US Open winner lost in the first round of his opponent on clay in Marbella to Argentine Pedro Cachin, ranked 228, 3-6, 4-6 after 81 minutes.

Thiem, the number one seed in Spain, is clearly lacking in match practice. But it was also clear that confidence on his wrist had returned.

Tim showed his punches as they were in the old days, tightening them, but it still lacked consistency.

The Marbella trip for him ended earlier than planned. His next tournament appearance is set to make another appearance on the ATP Tour next week at the ATP 250 Championships in Marrakech.

Tim plays better and better after 0:5

Thiem showed on the third point in the first half that he trusted his shot once again. At 15:30 in Kashin’s serve, he already used the show’s shot, the backhand breaking one-handed down the line.

But initially, Thiem was unable to take advantage of two break chances in the first or third game, while giving up his first serve match with a double fault. The Argentine, seen on paper as an outsider, quickly advanced 3-0.

As a result, Tim initially made several mistakes against number 228 in the ATP rating. Of course, as expected, the four-time main-finalist contestant lacked match practice more than nine months after the injury fracture.

After just 30 minutes and when the score was 0:5 Lichtenwörther managed to win the first game and this turned the switch in Thiem: this was followed by the first zero-break, a serve-to-zero game and at 3:5 Tim had two chances in the second half with a score of 4:5. No Thiem could use it and Kashin converted his first set 6:3 after about 40 minutes.

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False start in the second set as an initial decision

However, Tim was unable to take the momentum out of the end of the first round with him. He had to drop his serve to 0.1 with the South American’s first breakout chance.

An early break he couldn’t make up for. Before the eyes of his chest with coach Nicolas Masso, Vizio Carlos Costa, fitness coach Jes Green and manager Gallo Blanco as well as his mother, 17-time ATP champion Karen Thiem, he had to congratulate him on his win without a win. hiring.

Wawrinka also lost

Another tennis star was already back after a hiatus of more than a year, but three-time main winner Stan Wawrinka also got off to a false start in terms of score.

The Swiss, who has turned 37 since Monday, lost 2:6.4:6 to Swede Elias Ymir. Wawrinka also trained with Thiem in preparation and had slight advantages in the match.

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