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ÖFB women won the penultimate European Championship test against Montenegro 4-0

ÖFB women won the penultimate European Championship test against Montenegro 4-0

The success against an unchanging opponent, who intervened after the planned Scotland match was called off, could have been much higher. After all, the game fulfilled the purpose of giving many players minutes of gameplay. 22 arrived on the train. UFB’s pre-final rehearsal will take place on July 6 at sold-out Old Trafford against the hosts on Sunday in Lier in a duel between European Championship participants and Belgium.

In contrast to the 2-1 loss in Wiener Neustadt against Denmark, the head of the Austrian Football Association, Eren Fuhrmann, made six changes to the starting lineup. The most notable absent was Captain Victoria Schnaerbeck, who had a rest due to her knee problems. Sarah Bontigam, who only joined the team in prep two, and Bella, who had been dumped by illness in boot camp one, are back on the team, two mainstays of the team.

The match went as expected from the start with constant rain, and Montenegro was only busy with defensive work, and the hosts controlled the events as they wished. Sarah Zadrazil (6) and Blatner (11) left the first two chances unexploited. The ball fell into the net for the first time after three minutes. After a cross from the advanced Marina Georgieva, who formed the heart of the defense along with the future Roma Legion Karina Weininger, Schechtel advanced in the five position.

The second goal was even more worth watching, as the ball passed over Pontegam, Bella and Schechtel as in a picture book and Blattner caught the Montenegrin goalkeeper after a pass from a hole. Lisa Makass was not lucky with a cross header (21), Zadrazil (25) and Makass (29) missed more chances. Gate number three was still taped before the break. After a long-range shot from Bontegam, Bella advanced from close range.

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At the break, Foreman conducted a hex swap to give several players another chance to qualify for a spot on the team. This had little effect on the conduct of the match, except for Schiechtl’s header (56th place), there was not much offensive display. After three more changes in the 72nd minute, it was Katharina Nashinweng, who indicated her danger with a shot (74), and Stephanie Enzinger, who missed the goalkeeper (79). In the end, Schasching took advantage of a fatal mistake by the Montenegrin goalkeeper.

The test wasn’t really helpful for the defense, and Montenegro didn’t have a single chance to score in the whole match. The Video Assistant Referee (VAR) played no role either.