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ATP Finals live on tape: Rafael Nadal under pressure after opening defeat in Turin in match two against Auger-Aliassime.

ATP Finals live on tape: Rafael Nadal under pressure after opening defeat in Turin in match two against Auger-Aliassime.

Rafael Nadal and Felix Auger-Aliassime already hit the wall in their second match at the ATP Finals in Turin.

Nadal had to concede defeat in his opening match against American Taylor Fritz 6: 7 (3: 7), 1: 6. The young Canadian found his hero in Casper Ruud, who won 7-6 (7-4), 6-4.

Defeat on Tuesday afternoon almost equaled withdrawal from the group stage. The match starts again It’s 14:00.

ATP Finals

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Rafael Nadal vs. Félix Auger-Aliassime live here in the tape:

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3:39pm – Nadal-Oger-Alyssim 3:6, 2:3

With a cracked forehand, Auger-Aliassime makes the point 40:40 when Nadal serves. It gets tight again when the Spaniard serves, but the Canadian misses an opportunity to break with a forward foul. Nadal is still in touch, but Auger-Aliassime is currently the best player on the field. Honestly, this is also because Nadal is weak at the moment.

3:29pm – Nadal-Oger-Alyssim 3:6, 1:2

Break Paul Auger Aliassime. Then follows Nadal’s next big mistake. Not much comes with a record Grand Slam winner. 2:1 Auger-Aliassime in the second set.

3:20pm – Nadal-Oger-Aliassime 3-6, 1-1

At the start of the second set, she narrowed again with Auger-Aliassime serving. Again he has to apply first. But time and time again it is the first serve that saves the Canadian. 1:1

3:06pm – Nadal-Oger-Alyssim 3:6

Two set pieces for Auger-Aliassime. And at the start, Nadal again missed the forehand. Those were very weak minutes for the Spaniard and cost him the first round. 6:3 by Auger Aliassime.

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3:01 PM Nadal 3-5 Auger-Alysime

You rarely see that. Two consecutive double faults by Rafael Nadal. And because the Mallorcans quickly fouled their backhands, 40:0 becomes 40:40. Shortly afterwards, Auger Alesimi got a break ball, then followed up with a passing foul from Nadal’s forehand. That was a gift from the Grand Slam winner!

2:52 PM Nadal 3-4 Auger-Aliassime

Two break points for Nadal. Auger-Aliassime saves the first with a good forehand from half court. The Canadian also moves well into second and again finishes with a strong forehand. Go several times on debut. But just as in their hard-fought first game, Auger-Aliassime took the lead and took the game. 4:3.

2:37 PM Nadal 2-3 Auger-Alysime

After a tough first serve game, Auger-Aliassime no longer had any serve issues. The first serve comes out much better now too, and scores a lot of free points. 3: 2 for the Canadian.

2:33 PM Nadal 2-2 Auger-Alisim

That was very emotional. Auger-Aliassime pulls off a sweet stop on the wrist that Nadal can no longer achieve. But that doesn’t change the fact that Nadal will definitely take his game home to make it 2-2. He converts the cue ball with a great long streak.

2:26 pm Nadal 1-1 Auger Eliassime

Auger-Aliassime still won the match, 1-0. Then Nadal has much less problems with his shot. Among other things, he made a 1: 1 draw with a point with a shot and a shot, which was very unusual for him.

2:20 pm Nadal 0-0 Auger Eliassime

It begins with the introduction of Auger-Aliassime. Despite an ace at the start, the Canadian doesn’t really take a swing at things. The punches are very short and Nadal makes strong saves from half court. Two balls for the Spaniard after his opponent committed a forehand foul. Auger-Aliassime defends the first forcefully with a serve. In the second, Nadal does not seize the opportunity. At first it goes several times over the instand.

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INFO: Nadal – Auger Eliassime

The countdown is on. Nadal and Auger Aliassime enter the field at this moment. Auger-Aliassime wins the net and decides to serve. We still have a few minutes to play before we start.

INFO: Nadal – Auger Eliassime

The Spaniard and the Canadian have met twice so far. Nadal won both times. However, both matches were clay court favorites, and at this year’s French Open, Auger-Aliassime managed to force his opponent to more than five sets.

INFO: Nadal – Auger Eliassime

There’s a lot already going on for both of them as both Nadal and Auger Aliassime lost their first group match. Winning today is almost a necessity, even if you could theoretically advance in a round with a 1:2 win.

Rafael Nadal – Félix Auger-Aliassime: Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome to the third game in the green group. World No. 2 Rafael Nadal meets shooting star Felix Auger-Aliassime from 2:00pm. Sebastian Wurtz sits down on the keys for you and wishes you a lot of fun!

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ATP Finals

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