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Attack on an ambulance in Gaza

Attack on an ambulance in Gaza

There were reports of an Israeli bombing of an ambulance in the Gaza Strip yesterday. The Israeli army said it attacked an ambulance used by the extremist Islamic movement Hamas. A number of terrorists were killed.


They said they had information indicating that “Hamas’s method is to transport terrorists and weapons in ambulances.”

The Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health had previously announced that 13 people were killed and 26 others were injured in the attack. The authority claimed that the wounded were being transferred to the border crossing to receive treatment in Egypt. The information provided by both sides has not been independently verified.

The Ministry of Health said that the attack occurred outside the entrance to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The Israeli army said that the area that came under fire was a “combat zone.” The army repeatedly asked civilians to flee to the south for their safety.

Israel accuses Hamas of hiding the command centers and entrances to the hospital’s tunnel systems.

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