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Susan Mathurin knows the tips and tricks to achieving great happiness

Susan Mathurin knows the tips and tricks to achieving great happiness

As Buddha says: “There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path.” But how do you achieve happiness?

This is a comedian, author, artist manager, singer and coach Susan Mathurin Described as an “agent of luck” she wants to help Fortuna along.

“Happiness really comes from within. I don't think happiness depends too much on the outside. There are many levels. Happiness means something different to everyone,” she says on KURIERTV's “Wonderful Honesty – People Are Close.”

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“You can train happiness,” she says. “Luck is not a coincidence, it is actually a choice.” And you have to train it every day like an exercise program.

“First, it's in your head, in your brain, but then it has to pass into your body and that usually takes longer than in the head. Because every cell has this information stored for years. For some, it takes longer, and for others, it takes Less time.

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“A wise man once said on the subject of friends that great people talk about dreams and inspiration. Ordinary people talk about things like sports cars, the latest Gucci bag, etc., and small people talk about other people. I heard that and thought, I'm so lucky and blessed to have my friends because We really talk about big dreams.”

Balm for the soul

She can be seen on June 10 with her new show “The Fortune Agent” at Casanova in Vienna under the slogan “Balm for the Soul.”

“You don't know what to expect, and then you go out and think to yourself, 'I had a really great time for 90 minutes. I was inspired, I learned, I laughed, and I want to do it again.'” says Mathurin, who wrote the program for all those who maybe can't. He affords extensive training: “So I want people to leave my show.”

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She has one special piece of advice for women: “Give up your pursuit of perfection. I think we should remove the word mistakes from society because mistakes are great things. Without mistakes we cannot learn anything!”

You can see the tips and tricks that help you achieve great happiness and how important humor is in the video above.