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Attacks in Saxony: An AfD politician was attacked in a supermarket

Attacks in Saxony: An AfD politician was attacked in a supermarket

As of: May 23, 2024 at 12:45 p.m

Several attacks on politicians and election workers occurred again in Saxony. Recently, according to police reports, state parliament member Kumpf from the AfD party was struck in the face in a supermarket.

In Saxony, politicians and election workers are once again the target of attacks. Early Wednesday afternoon, AfD politician Mario Kumpf was physically attacked in a supermarket in Ebersbach-Negersdorf, Saxony. The police said that the perpetrator hit the politician in the face and then went shopping.

The 53-year-old suspect

Kumpf himself called the police after the attack. Emergency services arrested the 53-year-old suspected offender and made a report of assault. The State Security Service took over the investigation.

In a press release, police initially spoke only of an “elected political official.” The parliamentary group of the Saxon AfD party posted on the X online platform on Wednesday evening that it was Kumpf. The police have not yet provided any additional information about the exact background of the crime. Kumpf has been a member of the Saxony state parliament since 2019.

The house of a leftist politician was stoned

In Limbach-Oberfrona in the Zwickau district, the home of left-wing city councilor Elisa Grube was stoned twice by unknown assailants, police said.

In one case a stone was thrown through a window, and in the second a stone flew through an open window. No one was injured in either attack. Grubb was said to have then filed a complaint himself. Here too, the State Security Service responsible for politically motivated crimes is investigating.

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Insulting election workers

On Tuesday, a left-wing election worker was verbally attacked in Leipzig. According to the police, an unknown person went to the party's voting center. The man insulted the election worker during the conversation. The man was said to have left after calling the police. The authorities launched an investigation into the insults.

In recent weeks, attacks on politicians have increased in several federal states, many of them in Saxony. In Dresden, for example, SPD MEP Matthias Ecke was attacked and injured while posting posters – a case that made headlines across the country.