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Israel: The army advances into Rafah

Israel: The army advances into Rafah

The Israeli army says it is continuing its advance against the Islamic Hamas movement in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari announced yesterday evening that his ground forces have now arrived in the Shabura area, from which Hamas terrorists were attacking. He added: “So far, we have eliminated more than 180 terrorists in Rafah.”

At the same time, its forces destroyed launch pads and missiles that were supposed to be launched on Israeli territory. In addition, underground tunnels and roads were destroyed. The information cannot yet be independently verified.

The International Court of Justice decides on Israel's request to withdraw

Today, the International Court of Justice in The Hague will issue its ruling on South Africa's request that the Israeli army immediately withdraw from Rafah. South Africa made a similar urgent request on 10 May. The decisions of the World Court are binding.

However, UN judges do not have the authority to force a country to implement it. But you can ask the UN Security Council to take action on this issue. The Israeli advance began on May 6 in eastern Rafah.

The United States, as Israel's most important ally, recently announced that military operations in Rafah have not yet reached the level that the United States government warned against. The United States rejects a major Israeli ground attack in Rafah.

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