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Attacks in Sweden – three fatal injuries

Attacks in Sweden – three fatal injuries

Eight people are said to have been injured when a knife-like object struck them in Wetland, southern Sweden, many of them seriously.

Three out of eight people sustained life-threatening injuries, regional Jancoping said Wednesday night. Two were seriously injured.

Swedish media reports that several callers reported that people were attacked with axes. Police will not confirm the weapon.

Jonas Lindell, police chief in Hockland, told a news conference that they had arrived at the scene with several patrolmen. Three minutes later, he is suspected of being guilty.

– In connection with the arrest, a suspect is shot and assaulted. The man was taken to hospital with a weapon. The extent of the damage is unknown, Lindell says.

Prime Minister Stephen Lofven condemns the attack. Read Lofven’s statement further down the case.

Known by the police

The culprit is said to be in his 20s and it was already known to the police. He has not yet been questioned by police, but should not have sustained a life-threatening injury.

Police do not go into details about the weapon or how much the offender was wearing at the time of arrest.

Investigator: Police have cordoned off five areas in Wetland.  Photo: Michael Fritzon / AFP / NDP
Analyst: Police have cordoned off five areas in Wetland. Photo: Michael Fritzon / AFP / NDP
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Swedish media have reported that police are investigating the attack as a terrorist attack. Malena Gron, police chief in Jonkoping, said the main investigation was said to be an assassination attempt, but they were also investigating terrorist motives.

– There are details that make you look at terrorist motives, but I can’t go into what this is. We work closely with Sopho on this, says Gron.

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Police have cordoned off five areas in Wetland where people were attacked. They do surveys in the area. Police do not currently believe there is more than one culprit.


Chief of Police Gran says police are actively working on the case.

– We will operate over time and with plenty of resources. We will contact anyone with information. In the case we will conduct several inquiries, so it is not possible to go out with many details now. This is a serious investigation.

Police announced a new press conference on Thursday regarding the case.

Prime Minister Stephen Lofven condemns the attack.

– We are reminded of how weak our security is. “I urge everyone to send a thought to the police and the municipality working to rebuild security for the victims, those in the health service and the injured,” he said in a statement.

“We must confront these atrocities with the force of unity,” he said.

The incident was reported to Interior Minister Michael Tomberg.

– My thoughts go to the victims and their relatives, he says in a statement, and it is not yet clear what happened and what its purpose was.