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Dolly Barton Remix

On Tuesday night, Dolly Barton shared a video Instagram He shared that he had received the corona vaccine.

– Hi this is me. I will finally get my vaccine and I am so excited. I’ve been waiting a while, but as I get older, I’m smart to get it. So I’m so glad I got my moderna vaccine today. Dolly Barton says in the video that I even changed my song for this appropriate occasion.

The song that Barton refers to is one of the most popular “Jolene” throughout her life. The text has been translated into Norwegian:

– Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine, I beg you, please do not hesitate. Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, because all of a sudden you die, it’s a little late, Barton sings with a flash in the eye.

Also, in the video, Barton gets the modern virus vaccine, which the manufacturers claim has 95 percent protection against the corona virus.

– Do not be cowardly

There are many skeptics in the United States about getting vaccinated against the corona virus. Study conducted Andhra It shows that one in three Americans in February is skeptical of a coronary vaccine.

Barton urges his four million followers to take up the vaccine, and says suspects should not be cowards and should get their vaccine.

Provided large sums for research

Barton showed great commitment in the fight against the corona virus last year.

American pharmaceutical company Moderna Corona has spent a lot of resources researching the virus since the outbreak, and Barton was one of those who wanted to help.

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The demanding and costly research required financial assistance to do enough work, and in November 2020 they would like to thank those who contributed.

Barton’s name appeared in their report as one of the contributors to the completion of the corona vaccine.

Barton donated one million dollars for research on the vaccine, which is worth about nine million Norwegian kroner.