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Attersi: 82 years old and never tired of art

Attersi: 82 years old and never tired of art


The 82-year-old painter Christian Ludwig Attersee wants to reinvent the world every day with his art. The pandemic has been an intense creative period for the artist – more than 70 works created in the past two years are now on display at Galerie Frey in Salzburg.

The collection of artworks created by Christian Ludwig Attersee during the pandemic is large. This brings him very close to his goal of 10,000 portraits – the 82-year-old has created 9,999 works in his career: “I’ve always wanted to paint 10,000 pictures. I used to be a fan of Wassily Kandinsky and he painted close to 10,000 pictures.” “.

Pictures should be critical and demanding

At the age of 82, Attersee is hotter and more multi-faceted than ever. The longing to reinvent the world every day with his art still motivates him. He wants to criticize and order his artwork: my main principle is never to make beautiful pictures, but those that people need.

The comrades were surprised by the intensity of the color

The current exhibition also surprises colleagues such as Alexander Steinwendtner. The Salzburg artist completed Christian Ludwig Attersee’s master class more than 20 years ago. “It’s really amazing, for me on the one hand it was a return to his roots, which are very highly graphic, and on the other hand he works with such a wonderful range of colors that I’ve never seen before,” says artist Steinwendtner.

Photo series with 7 photos

Art is the elixir of life for the 82-year-old

Attersee is already working on a new exhibition – regarding expulsion from your country. For the 82-year-old, art is an expression and an elixir of life: “I can’t do anything else. I feel my body, which is no longer small, but still so small. It’s funny how you can stay young. The search for art remains in my life.” And the search for art never ends.”

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82 years old and never get tired of art