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Lunz am See - Brummer's Art of the Wilderness Area

Lunz am See – Brummer’s Art of the Wilderness Area

Created November 26, 2022 | 06:58

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The work of the painter Josef Brammer of Scheps will be on display in the foyer of the House of Wilderness in Lunz am See until the end of the year.


BAt the end of the year, Josef Brummer’s work will be on display at Wilderness House. Proceeds from the sale of utility projects in the Dürrenstein-Lassing wilderness area.

As a painter, Josef Brammer has made a name for himself both at home and abroad. The original Sheepsir work – who received the Sheeps Medal of Honor this year – is currently for sale at Wilderness House.

“On the one hand there are originals worth €2,000, and on the other hand there are also relics of the painter’s own artwork worth €280 and a very special example,” explains Christoph Lidtzing, managing director of Dürrenstein-Lassing. wilderness area With the latter, Leditznig means the largest business, with a value of 30,000 euros. Brummer painted it at the beginning of September for this year’s Regional Festival. You will find a new owner through the assembly at an auction. Six of the twelve smaller paintings we featured have already found a buyer. It would be great if we could sell them all by the end of the year, especially since the proceeds will only benefit projects in the wilderness area, ”says Leditznig. Supporting a UNESCO World Heritage site and getting art in return is a nice idea and maybe also an idea for a special gift under the Christmas tree.