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ATUS Knittelfeld: The triathlete wore new suits

ATUS Knittelfeld: The triathlete wore new suits

The athletes from ATUS Knittelfeld wore new clothes and could look forward to blue suits. They were mainly funded by the department’s leadership. They have been actively financially supported by patrons from the region. The new uniform can be worn while swimming, cycling and running.

KNITTELFELD. Snowmobile athletes at ATUS Knittelfeld were recently able to look forward to new suits, funded primarily by the department’s management. They were also actively financially supported by Andy’s Adventure Workshop, Capozini Bar Lounge and the Sports Department Knittelfeld municipality. It was introduced to athletes during swimming training.

blue power

Suits are the club’s primary equipment and can now be used for all three disciplines, Swimming, cycling and running Uses. Triathlon training is as demanding as it is varied. This is unique Mix Swimming, cycling, and running not only challenge the body, but also the equipment. In order to meet these requirements, there were new suits now. The team was pleased with the equipment. Mayor Harald Bergmann also wished them good luck with the new clothes.

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