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The dentist takes on the role of a bodybuilder

The dentist takes on the role of a bodybuilder

When thinking of their dentist, most people think of a treatment that is particularly helpful or perhaps a particularly painful treatment. Very few people think of a doctor’s body. But that’s exactly what Max Milchard’s patients think. An appointment with a dentist in Wiener Neustadt includes not only help with dental problems, but also exciting stories from the world of bodybuilding.

The most important topic in painting: How did Dr. Milchard cut in the last bodybuilding competition? “Most patients say removing teeth should be relatively easy for me, and whether I still need pliers at all,” Max Milchard says when visiting his clinic. Many are afraid of the dentist anyway, but this does not increase his muscle mass, the 30-year-old assures with a laugh.

Compete for the best player in the world in Los Angeles

This year, Milchard has always had successes informing his patients. The athlete won medals in every competition he participated in in his first season. He became the vice-champion of Europe, achieving two overall victories in Great Britain and two posts in Hungary. On November 19, the World Championships is approaching in Los Angeles, with Milchard competing in the Pro class.

Vivus Afrique

Lots of muscle, little body fat – that, simply put, is the goal in bodybuilding

Years of renewal after a competitive season

The athlete did not mention a goal for placement, the most important thing for him is gaining experience: “I just want to see how I look compared to other natural professional bodybuilders and collect motivation perhaps in the coming seasons.”

He adds that Milchard wants to continue bodybuilding in the future. After this season, there will be a break for a few years – this is how long the body needs to recover and return to a “normal” state. Competitive bodybuilding is actually a great physical exertion. Hard training is only one part, constant dieting is the other.

On a strict diet since March

Milchard has been on a diet since March to reduce or keep his body fat percentage low. Everything he eats is pre-weighed – for the 30-year-old, this is the hardest part of his “heavy test”, as he describes his first competitive season.

Max Milchard on stage

Vivus Afrique

On November 19, Max Milchard will present himself again for the season – at the World Championships in Los Angeles

Melchard says that competitive bodybuilding is “definitely not healthy” because your body fat percentage is so low that the body has problems maintaining the hormonal system. You notice that you are going through a life in an extreme area that is not healthy. “In order to explore his limits, to see what is possible and what he might look like, he accepts adversity in spite of everything—and for feeling onstage.

Feeling on stage ‘like on a cloud’

He says he feels “surprisingly good”. “I see it – by comparison – like passing a big test that takes a long time to study for. There is a brief moment when you feel like you are walking on a cloud. To me, that is the feeling on stage – as if I am floating on a cloud.”

Milchard started his bodybuilding career out of curiosity, he reveals. “I wasn’t really interested in the idea of ​​competition, but rather the experience on the way to competition,” the athlete says. “I’ve been doing weight training for 16 years and wanted to know what it feels like to be in life with such a low percentage of body fat.” The dentist from Wiener Neustadt now knows this: It’s an extreme course that “wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t have the full support of my girlfriend and parents in my private life.”

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