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AUA again canceled more than 100 flights on Thursday

AUA again canceled more than 100 flights on Thursday

AUA passengers should once again prepare for flight cancellations. At Austrian Airlines, more than 100 flights were canceled on Thursday due to the company's flight crew meeting. The 12,000 affected passengers have been informed and rebooked if necessary, according to the airline. This is the third time in less than two weeks that Austrian Airlines flights have been cancelled.

There were originally 300 flights on AUA's flight schedule for Thursday, but from the current perspective, 120 of them have been cancelled. The reason for the business meeting is stalled collective agreement negotiations with AUA staff. Salary increase ideas vary widely between employers and employees. Employers offer a 4.5 percent raise and promise more if the term is longer. On the other hand, the union is demanding a 30% salary increase and more vacations.

The airline announced that due to the company meeting that was announced last Friday and then postponed, the company suffered damage estimated at approximately 4 million euros. The airline was forced to cancel 150 flights, affecting 12,800 passengers. At a staff meeting on March 1, 112 flights were canceled and about 12,000 passengers were affected.

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