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Audio Emoji: Google offers clapping and farting sounds for calls 👏💨

Audio Emoji: Google offers clapping and farting sounds for calls 👏💨

Android Audio Emoji: Google brings clapping and farting sounds during calls to your smartphone 👏💨

Voice emojis arrive in Google's Android smartphone system (avatar)

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Emojis have taken everyday life by storm. Google is now adding Android smartphones. It also includes them in calls.

We use them every day: emojis brighten up chats, online posts, and now even emails. Sometimes we can express our thoughts better than words. This is even though we often use them incorrectly (find out more here). By far, they are probably the fewest people who haven't returned calls. However: with the so-called audio emojis, they will soon delight our ears as well.

This is what 9to5mac discovered in the latest beta version of Google's Android smartphone operating system. Suddenly a series of emojis appear in the phone app. If you click on it, the appropriate sounds appear for the person you are talking to – and suddenly he hears laughter in his ears. Or I farted.

Of clapping and farting

In addition to understandable sounds like applause, the classic badda-bum-tis drum sound for a bad joke or a trumpet sound for crying, Google has already built in a flatulence sound — symbolized by the poop emoji. There are also sound emojis for partying and laughing.

In phone settings, Google explains the feature this way: “Express emotions and moods with sounds like clapping, laughter, sad trombone, and more with tappable emojis while on a call.” That's apparently how it works. If you click a button, all participants in the conversation can hear the sound.

Voice emojis can be turned off, but only for themselves

Google also seems to realize that this may be an exaggeration. There seems to be a limit to how quickly the keys can be used sequentially. According to Cnet, you can also turn off the function – but only for yourself. If the other person plays sounds, you still have to put up with it.

The fact that you can turn it off still makes sense. After all, how embarrassing would it be to accidentally make noise while having an important conversation.

Google Android: When will the Pups update come?

It is not known what exactly Google thinks about the buttons. Basically, the function is reminiscent of soundboards like Stefan Rapp in “TV Total.” But the Android version doesn't have the biggest advantage: Unfortunately, you can't assign sounds to the buttons yourself.

It is not yet known when the update will come to regular Android versions. We may know more soon: Starting May 14, Google will invite people to an I/O developer expo in its hometown of Mountain View. You can probably also hear fart sounds on stage.

sources: 9to5google, CNET