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Augsburg: Police are investigating an alleged attack on AfD politician Eureka-Bavaria

Augsburg: Police are investigating an alleged attack on AfD politician Eureka-Bavaria

After an alleged attack on an AfD politician in Augsburg, a police investigation was launched. AfD parliamentary group chairman in Augsburg city council and state parliament candidate Andreas Eureka, 35, was said to have been beaten by several people on their way home after a barbecue for campaign workers in the Oberhausen district at the weekend.

According to Eureka, the group were “southerners”, which did not mean Italians or Spaniards. He is spoken to from the group, whose exact number he cannot number, and asked if he is an AfD poster. As a result, he received a sudden blow, then was kicked as he lay on the ground, and he may have lost consciousness at times. During the alleged crime on Saturday evening, he sustained severe bruising, particularly to his face, and an ankle injury, and was treated in hospital.

The AfD circulated a video with Gorka through its party media, showing his face swollen and bruised. According to his statements, he assumes that the attack was carried out with partisan motives. Due to the darkness and missing glasses for the severely blind after the hit, they can no longer be reconstructed exactly. A companion traveling with him was also lying on the ground.

Gerd Manes, deputy chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the state parliament, in which Eureka also works, spoke of a “cowardly and brutal attack”. They are “the result of constant agitation against the AfD”, which “established parties constantly condemn as being radical right-wing and anti-democratic”. In this context, Manz also reminded that Antifa published the private addresses of AfD politicians, as happened recently in Hesse.

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According to the police headquarters in North Swabia, Kripo is now investigating on suspicion of grievous bodily harm. The occasion, course of events and possible background to the crime reported by the Jurca are also examined. Police are asking witnesses to call 0821/323-3810.

According to a police spokesperson, another police report of an altercation between two drunken men in Augsburg-Oberhausen on Sunday – with investigations into suspected mutual bodily harm – is unrelated to the incident reported by Eureka. On Twitter and other social networks, Monday was incorrectly referred to as a “bar fight” with no political background.