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Australian Open 2023 – Andy Murray’s fight night against Kokkinakis stirs controversy: ‘distorting the competition’

Australian Open 2023 – Andy Murray’s fight night against Kokkinakis stirs controversy: ‘distorting the competition’

Andy Murray was beside himself. And that’s despite the fact that just moments ago he came back from two sets down to Tanasi Kokkinakis.

The reason for the Scotsman’s anger: before entering the match in the deciding set, he was not allowed to take a break in the toilet. Glancing at the watch also caused discomfort. “I respect the rules,” Murray told the referee. He added, “But it’s so disrespectful that we’re out here until three or four in the morning and we’re not allowed to go to the toilet. That’s a joke – and you know that.”

Murray continued, “That’s disrespectful to you, disrespectful to the ball kids, disrespectful to the players. That’s ridiculous.” Having jumped onto the bench, the veteran kept his nerve on the field – After a playing time of 5:45 minutes, Murray converted the match point into 4:6, 6:7 (4:7), 7:6 (7:5), 6:3, 7:5.

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After the epic battle, the 35-year-old indicated that the focus was on time rather than quality of the game. “I don’t know who benefits from that. After a game like that, we come here and that’s the discussion.”

Ritner criticizes the night shift: “How should he present himself so well?”

“Dazed” McEnroe

A number of critical votes were raised after that. Above all, the timings and the fact that three out of four Grand Slam tournaments (at Wimbledon finish at 11:00pm in consideration for the locals, pointed out. editor) No curfew was discussed.

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“I am shocked that the match is still being played at this time,” Eurosport expert John McEnroe said afterwards. “It’s crazy that matches at this level can be played at four in the morning.” The seven-time Grand Slam winner has been testified to as the “heart of a champion” due to his coming-back qualities.

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McEnroe, on the other hand, did not give the tournament organizers a good report: “Something like this rarely happens,” he said regarding the length of the match. He added, “But you have to make sure that something like that never happens. Of course it’s a game that people will talk about for a long time, but it’s ridiculous that it’s played at this time. In what other sport is it played at 4:00 in the morning? Do we know Is that from football, American football, or the NBA? No.”

McEnroe believes Murray’s chances of reaching the last 16 are diminished by the possibility of an irregular heartbeat. “It’s a game that greatly affects Andy’s chances of progression,” said the former world class player. Barbara Rittner of Eurosport came to a similar assessment: “Something has to change about tennis. You get completely out of your rhythm. Why play two night sessions after 7pm when you know everything is going to be late?” I asked Eurosport. “He tarnishes everything. How should Andy Murray be able to present himself so well on the extra track of the Championship?”

Baker: I call it distortion of competition

Boris Becker was more direct. “I call that misrepresentation of the competition,” said the Eurosport expert. He explained, “The poor guy stays on the field until 4:06 in the morning, goes to the dressing room, then there’s a cool-down, then the press conference. And he doesn’t come to the hotel before 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning, the whole biorhythm is messed up.” .”

Active stars Stefanos Tsitsipas and Janik Sener saw the whole thing a little less serious. I got it (Murray, pointed out. editor) before my match today and I thought: what is he doing here? He must be in bed. You have to come to terms with it. “What should you do? I think tennis loves these games. There are a lot of stories behind it,” said Tsitsipas. The sinner calmly agrees with the Greek: “It is part of our sport.”

Tournament director Craig Tiley also joined the discussion. Sees no need to adjust the schedule. “If you only select one match in the evening and there is an injury, you don’t have anything for the fans or the TV stations,” he told Nine TV. There is no reason to change the schedule at this time.

Tiley’s statements don’t necessarily have to be agreed upon by many players and experts.

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