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Media: The arrest of Brazil national team player Dani Alves in Spain

According to media reports, Brazilian footballer Dani Alves was arrested in Barcelona on Friday.

He was accused of sexually harassing a woman in a Barcelona nightclub at the end of last year, the Associated Press, state television station RTVE and other media reported, citing police. The 39-year-old had previously denied the allegation.

Alves denies his allegations

According to media reports, the ad was reported by a 23-year-old woman. Elvis said he was at the disco that night. “But I refuse to,” he told TV station Antena 3 shortly after the announcement. “I had fun, but without getting too close to others, and I was always considerate of my surroundings.” He doesn’t even know the woman who is accusing him. Alves was under contract with FC Barcelona until 2022 and now plays for Mexican club Onam Bonas.

According to media reports, Alves complied with a police summons in Barcelona on Friday, and after a brief interrogation, he was arrested at a police station and taken to the city’s justice center. The judge there must now decide whether he should be detained or released.

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