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Austria in Hartburg under pressure to win

Austria in Hartburg under pressure to win

The optimism after the first win of the season at LASK has evaporated once again in Austria.

The goalless draw against Altaş was followed by a blow to the neck in the Austrian Football Association Cup on Tuesday. Kapfenberg’s second round again caused discord among the Viennese. TSV Hartberg does it on Sunday (ab 14.30 LIVE im Sport24-Ticker) He hopes to achieve his first home win of the season against the Violet.

In the table, both clubs are located in the middle of the tightly packed area between the fourth and eleventh places. Hartberg occupies sixth place with nine points and Austria tenth with eight points. Osterer had three better goals to themselves last season, before the Vienna team made a comeback. In the European Cup play-off they won convincingly 3-0 away. One can only dream of such a result at the moment in the Felchin camp.

Schmid: “You have to do everything to win the match”

Manfred Schmid experienced another setback in development on his trip to Kapfenberg. “A defeat like this changes everyone’s mood,” said the Austria coach. “It’s like you’re going to a board game and then you are eliminated and you have to go back to the field.” But the match has already been worked on again, and a reaction is sought: “I expect from the team that one is crying for the other and that we are doing everything we can to win the match.”

Schmid once again hoped for more accuracy in passing and movement and more efficiency in attack. Marko Djurisen and Co. also left good chances in the cup, followed by a fight, spasm and a penalty shootout loss. The lack of opportunity continued for a few laps. Vissel Dimako, who saw the yellow and red last week, will be missing at Hartberg. Otherwise, all men are available to Schmid.

Hartburg needs a sense of accomplishment

Kurt Ross of Hartburg never reported any failures. “Winning will be good for the psyche, then you can take a deep breath,” Hartberg coach said before the match. It is difficult to evaluate the discount. “We don’t know exactly where Austria is at the moment,” Ross assumed. “Austria was eliminated in the cup, but they played very well before that. Not everyone won against LASK away from home. They are definitely on the rise.”

His team was also only partially convincing in the cup, with Jorten’s union in the regional league clinching a meager 1–0 victory. The last time Hartberg played at home was on August 28, center back Manfred Gollner favored “what seemed like an eternity” before. In the previous three home matches, there had been one draw with two defeats. The top scorer is former Austrian Dario Tadic, who scored four of Hartburger’s twelve goals. In Austria, Deurissen scored three goals – out of only eight from Vienna.

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