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The 25 most amazing football games in Klagenfurt

The 25 most amazing football games in Klagenfurt

On Sunday, Klagenfurt is the venue for a duel that promises to be one of the most special football games of this century at the national level.

SK Sturm Graz vs SK Rapid Vienna can best be described as the dream final of the UEFA Cup. In addition, it is about the first red-white-red title since 2018, which does not go to FC Red Bull Salzburg.

The place at Lake Worthersee witnesses another episode in its diverse history. Because the arena, which used to be a major concern, has evolved into a sort of “playground for everyone” over the past decade and a half.

At club level alone, six different clubs have played their home matches in Klagenfurt: Austria Kärnten, Austria Klagenfurt, SAC Klagenfurt, Wolfsburger AC, Sturm Walsk.

In addition to cup finals and OFB international matches, there are also many international encounters – and that doesn’t just mean Euro 2008.

The fact that woods also has a house edge in the meantime should only be mentioned in passing and doesn’t play a role in the next order. In this week’s issue of #Ranked, we’re honoring the versatility of the Klagenfurt Jewelry Box.

The ranking is entirely subjective according to how reminiscent of the event in question is, strange, superfluous, very important, legendary, bizarre, or simply amazing.

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