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Austria is in the top three in the European Union for electronic cars - Austria

Austria is in the top three in the European Union for electronic cars – Austria

Only Sweden and the Netherlands are ahead of Austria.
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Austria – when it comes to the share of e-cars among new registrations – in the top three in the European Union, only Sweden and the Netherlands are ahead. This illustrates the VCÖ analysis.

Norway ranked first in Europe, where 60 percent of new cars are powered exclusively by electricity. The total energy consumption of electric vehicles in Austria per vehicle kilometer is 42 percent lower than that of vehicles with internal combustion engines.

New registrations for electric cars in the European Union

There are significant differences in new registrations for electric vehicles within the European Union. While only 0.4 percent of new cars in Cyprus run exclusively on electricity, the EU’s No. 1 Sweden already has 16.4 percent. The EU average is 7.7 percent. Behind the Netherlands, Austria already ranked third in the corresponding period from January to October with 12.6 percent, according to the latest data at the end of November, it has already reached 13.5 percent in Austria.

Statement by a VCÖ . specialist

He explained, “It is no coincidence that Sweden and the Netherlands are way ahead of Austria. With the CO2 tax, Sweden has a strong incentive to buy e-cars, and the Netherlands has high registration taxes on combustion engines and much higher fuel prices than Austria.” VCÖ expert Michael Schwendinger. The Verkehrsclub believes that it is realistic that Austria will be as far away as Norway today in five years. Also because car manufacturers are completely dependent on electric cars and have realized that internal combustion engines no longer have a future.

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