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Austria Salary: Petrol station employees are happier than doctors

Austria Salary: Petrol station employees are happier than doctors

In times of high energy and food prices, one must have a high income job. Despite the crises, it’s especially easy to live with the average annual salaries of the fifteen best-paying jobs. After all, the income here ranges from 57,550 to 76,500 euros per year. However, those at the bottom of the salary scale are happier than those with higher earners.

Austria. If you are thinking of changing employers, then naturally you should also think about your future salary. Or maybe you should consider switching industries and getting into one of the top 15 highest paying jobs in the country.

Doctors at the top

Employer rating platform Konounu has published a list of the highest paying jobs in Austria. This is based on two million salary details from users. It is not surprising that doctors lead the ranking. On average, they earn €76,500 per year. The maximum salary specified is 132,600 euros.

The silver medal in the paycheck goes to software engineers. They earn an average of 70 thousand euros a year. The Program Project Manager is a little behind with €69,800.

15 best paying jobs in Austria:

  1. Doctors (76,500 euros)
  2. Software Engineer (70,000 Euros)
  3. Project Manager Program (69,800 euros)
  4. Tax consultant (64,900 euros)
  5. Country manager (64,500 euros)
  6. Key Account Manager (€64,400)
  7. SAP consultant (62,600 euros)
  8. IT project manager (61,200 euros)
  9. Sales manager (61,000 euros)
  10. Financial and accounting clerk (60 300 euros)
  11. Business Development Manager (59,900 euros)
  12. Risk manager (59,700 euros)
  13. Product Manager (59,400 euros)
  14. Scrum Master (59,000 euros)
  15. SAP Application Developer (57,500 euros)
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Gas station workers are the worst paid

The salary check also shows which jobs are paid the lowest in Austria. At the bottom are gas station employees with an average annual salary of €23,500. Kitchen workers who earn an extra 100 euros a year have slightly higher salaries.

Gas station employees are at the bottom of the paycheck.  On average, they only get 23,500 euros a year.  |  Photo: Unsplash/Engin Akyurt

An overview of the worst paying jobs in Austria:

  1. Petrol station employees (23,500 euros)
  2. Kitchen help (23,600 euros)
  3. Room maintenance specialist (24,100 euros)
  4. Hairdresser (24,600 euros).
  5. Grocery sales representative (25,100 euros)
  6. Treasurer (25,800 euros)
  7. Cleaner (26,000 euros)
  8. Call Center Agent (26,200 euros)

Gas station employees are happier than doctors

The employer rating platform also calculated salary satisfaction in the respective occupational groups. Not surprisingly, employees in one of the highest paying jobs are generally happy with their wages. The calculated salary is more than 70 percent. The exceptions are physicians and program project managers, with a satisfaction rate of 68 percent.

Are you happy with your monthly salary?

Surprisingly, the salary calculated for gas station employee satisfaction is 70 percent. Thus the employees working in the lowest jobs in Austria are more satisfied with their income than the doctors who occupy the first place. Also, hairdressers (76 percent), cleaners (76 percent), and building cleaners (70 percent) are more satisfied with their salary than higher-income earners.

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