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The broadcaster presented the transportation award

The broadcaster presented the transportation award

There is news from the advertising world in Styria. Today, the broadcaster presented the country’s first transportation award. 24 nominated companies and their agencies have gathered at Remise Steyrergasse and are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the three best bus and tram ads, selected by a jury of experts from the creative, marketing, transport and public transport scene.

The Announcer Transport Media Award is given for excellent advertisements on trams and buses, especially in Styria, as this type of advertising is very popular and of interest to residents and advertisers. A total of 85 trams and 173 buses operate in Graz and cover more than 66,000 km per day. As a result, it has been noticed by many people, has become an integral part of urban mobility and should continue to highlight the city’s landmarks with its creative designs in the future. The award aims to honor these achievements and encourage further outstanding performance in the creation of advertisements on trams and buses. In general, transportation is a very important means, since mobility is increasing and a large number of advertising companies are positioning themselves here, especially in terms of sustainable mobility through public transport and its mission

SK Puntigamer Sturm Graz has clearly positioned itself as a winner. The Styrian Football Club tram is convinced of the design and idea in the tram category. In front of the Kleine Zeitung regional tram (silver) and the Kronen Zeitung art tram (bronze).

FH Campus 02 won in the bus advertising category, followed by the Samaritan Association of Styria #zeitfürwasgscheits and Murpark’s Christmas wish. The arbitration committee, represented by Dr. Heik Riedel of Marketing Club Graz (board member and member of the jury at Univ. -Prof. Thomas Foscht) was impressed with the idea and design of the winning advertising decorations.

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in the pictures:

In all photos:

  • Mark Beers (CEO Graz Lenin), Dieter Weber (Managing Director Anconquer), Bernd Schoneger (CEO Anconquer) and Simon Koren Wallis (Moderation).

Gold Tram (first photo from left):

  • Markus Knechtel, Thomas Tabash, and Christian Jock

Silver Tram (second photo from left):

Bronze tram (third photo from left):

  • Oliver Pokorny, Tom Lohner, and Gertrude Gigler

The golden bus (fourth picture from the left):

  • FH Campus 02 with Eva Maria Karner and Anna Schober plus Julian Feldhofer from Hartinger Consulting

The silver bus (fifth photo from the left):

  • Samaritan Association Styria with Mag. Gerald Fitz, Franziska Springer, Katrin Mahlstedt, and Christoph Lipinsky