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Austrian Cabaret Prize 2023: “Gute Nacht Österreich” receives the TV award

Austrian Cabaret Prize 2023: “Gute Nacht Österreich” receives the TV award

Awards ceremony on December 22 at ORF 1

November 22, 2023 at 11:07 am

The Austrian Cabaret Prize was presented yesterday, 21 November 2023, at a gala ceremony held at the Globe Vienna. In addition to the TV award for “Good Night Austria” directed by Peter Klein, this year’s main award went to Alex Christian. Maria Mohar received the Sponsorship Award for her program “Storno”. Christian Dolezal received the show’s award for “Hard Hearted.” The special award went to Die Tagespresse while the electronic award, awarded for the first time this year, went to Johnny Balchin, also known as the Austrian Kiwi. The evening was hosted by the 2020 Main Prize winner, Clemens Maria Schreiner.

ORF 1 will present the 2023 Austrian Cabaret Prize on Friday, December 22 at 11:15 p.m.

Second TV Award for “Good Night Austria”

A total of seven cabaret and comedy television programs were nominated for the Television of the Year Award (formerly the Audience Award), which was awarded for the seventh time this year, including six ORF formats. In an online vote, the public voted “Gute Nacht Österreich” as the most popular program for the second time. This makes it the seventh award for the ORF format, following two awards for “What’s New?” And “Science Busters” in addition to the “We Are Emperor” award.

ORF Program Director Stephanie Groys Horwitz: “Satire is one of the most powerful stylistic tools in general entertainment. Week after week, Peter Klein succeeds in humorously encouraging the audience to think with sarcasm, exaggeration and complete personal commitment. I congratulate him and the entire Gute Nacht Österreich team on their well-deserved award.”

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Peter Klein: “The Audience Award is fun because you don’t have to go out to dinner with different jury members to get it (laughs). So I bow to all the wonderful people who voted for ‘Good Night Austria’ and gave us this success. At the end of the day, we are doing this show only for our audience – And they better like it! I also extend my sincere thanks to our politicians. Without them, satire would simply be impossible. That is why we are happy with their achievements every day – and they are certainly part of a minority in this country!

The anniversary “Good Night Austria – The 100!” On December 15 on ORF 1 channel

On Friday, December 15, at 9:20 pm on ORF 1, Peter Klein will present the 45-minute anniversary program entitled “Good Night Austria – The 100!”. One Hundred Program has accompanied audiences through the turbulent times of recent years. Peter Klein looks back at the most impactful moments in domestic politics, highlighting, among other things, excerpts from his best reporting, and taking aim at the week’s political events for the hundredth time. And of course the big names from the local club scene will be there again.