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A concert – Musikverein Opponitz thrilled in the parish church

A concert – Musikverein Opponitz thrilled in the parish church

Led by band director Johannes Helm, the band performed primarily modern pieces.

Leopold Hofbauer

aOn Saturday, the altar of the Oponitz Parish Church was transformed into an orchestra stage for the 25th time. After a five-year break, the musicians of the Opponitz Music Society once again organized an atmospheric church concert.

The pews of Oponitz Parish Church were filled Saturday when the Youth Orchestra opened the evening with two lively pop pieces. After opening remarks by Markus Steinbichler, the ensemble finally began the concert evening with the orchestral work “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss. Pastor Johann Wurtzer led the program.

With a ‘Celtic Impression’ guests went on a musical trip to Ireland and then enjoyed a ride on the ‘Western Train’. Other popular tunes such as “Evergreen” and “Nessaja” followed, and conductor Johannes Helm finally performed the final title with “The Sound of Silence.” The evening came to a relaxing end at the cider stand in front of the parish church.

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