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Austrian FA Cup: Reed reached the quarter-finals after a surprise against Sturm - the Bundesliga

Austrian FA Cup: Reed reached the quarter-finals after a surprise against Sturm – the Bundesliga

subordinate SV RED He managed to surprise in the round of 16 of the UNIQA ÖFB Cup. The Upper Austrians fought against the Bundesliga team in a duel Storm Graz 2:1 up. Ante Bajk and Luca Maisel scored for the Vikings. Jacob Guncher scored the next goal in the 69th minute. Ryder reached the quarter-finals

Bagic shocks the storm

Graz dominated the game from the first minute, although the passing accuracy was still lacking in attack. Ryder acted compactly on the defensive as usual and didn’t let anything go.

In the 36th minute, the guests from Innviertel took the lead after a single foul by Ljubic: Stosic grabbed the ball in the middle of the field and played to Nutz, who was watching the free-standing Ante Bajic. The 26-year-old took the skin and finished neatly in the left corner – 0:1 (36). Shortly thereafter, Siebenhandl nullified Wiessmeier’s header.

The favorite from Graz had two chances to equalize before the half-time whistle: Ole Sahin-Radlinger hit a treacherous shot from Ningbo (39th place), before Ljubic came from 11 meters to the end. His low shot was easy prey for goalkeeper Reed Radlinger (45).

Maisel increased and Reed defended strongly after Guncher scored

Shortly after the second half, Ryder increased by 2-0. Notz entered a corner kick dangerously inside the penalty area, as Luka Misl climbed and headed to the right corner (52). In the 67th minute, the Reds’ guests almost made it 3-0, but Stoic’s shot topped the net.

Sturm was briefly succeeded by one great feat by Jakob Jantscher: Jantscher ran into the middle from the right and didn’t give Sahin-Radlinger a chance with a fine shot into the corner. However, in the final stage, the Innviertel team did not allow much, so SV Ried was finally able to cheer on the quarter-finals.

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UNIQA ÖFB Cup, Round of 16

SK Storm Grats – SV Red 1:2 (0:1)

Mercure Arena, Graz; SR Jachmar

SK Sturm Graz – SV Ried . Live Stream Tape

rip: Jantscher (69.) or Bajic (36.), Meisl (52.)

Storm Graz: Siebenhandl – Gazibegovic (77./Wels), Geyrhofer, Gorenc-Stankovic, Dante (46./Affengruber) – Ljubic (71./Jäger) – Sarkaria, Kuen – Niangbo (87./Krienzer) – Yeboah, Jantscher

SV RED: Sahin-Radlinger – Meisl, Lackner, Plavotic – Wiessmeier, Stosic, Ziegl, Seiwald – Bajic (63./Satin), Nutz, Pomer (72./Offenbacher)

yellow cards: Gerhofer, Guncher, Quinn and Notz

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Written by Daniel Ringsmouth, Photo: Richard Burgstaller