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'I'm a soccer player and I'm gay': Australian professional player comes out

‘I’m a soccer player and I’m gay’: Australian professional player comes out

At the beginning of the nearly three-minute video titled “Josh’s Truth,” professional Adelaide United announced that they wanted to share “something personal” with the community: “I’m a soccer player and I’m gay.” In order to be able to realize his dream of professional football, Cavallo hid his emotions in his youth because he was angry. But now he is tired of leading this double life – a feeling that no one wants: “All I want is to play football and be treated as equals.”

The 21-year-old reports that he has received a lot of support from his family, friends and teammates: “I want to show people that it’s okay if you’re gay and play football.” Cavallo wanted to inspire more footballers to take this step by coming out:

Cavallo wrote on Instagram: “It is amazing to know that there are currently no gay professional footballers out and playing actively. Not only in Australia, but all over the world.” “I know there are other players out there who didn’t dare stand out. I want to help change that.”

England’s Justin Fashanu was the first professional footballer to admit his gender triangle during his career in 1990. German Thomas Hitzlsberger Or American Robbie Rogers did it after or when they ended their careers. In the spring, German football magazine “11FREUNDE ‚ÄúRaising awareness of the topic through a large-scale campaign. So far, no active football professional in Austria has emerged as gay.

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