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Austrian Football Association captain Weininger stops: turmoil continues in women’s football

Austrian Football Association captain Weininger stops: turmoil continues in women’s football

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The 31-year-old Styrian defender will retire after 16 years, but will remain with the Austrian Football Association.

Karina Winninger He will only get the captain’s bar after EM 2022 Victoria Schneiderbeck I accepted. And now she’s making it back a year later, she announced on Wednesday. “It was very difficult for me. I had a great time. I can still help a lot of teams at the moment, but you have to stop when it’s nicer,” Weininger said.

The 31-year-old from Styria has played 127 times in the team’s kit. The defender scored seven goals. I went to Munich at the age of 16, after 15 years I left last summer Bavaria For a season on loan Rome.

Now she is breaking up. Wenninger will finish her active football career in the summer and dock in the ÖFB in another capacity. in the newly created position of Women’s Bundesliga League Manager. Collaboration begins on July 3.

Schoettle also said that at first he was not very happy with Weininger’s decision to quit because she was a mainstay in the national team. “She is or has been a leader, though not in a boisterous way, but smart and discreet – on and off the field. That has always impressed me.”

Recently, in an interview with KURIER, she announced that her future might also be to retire from football. “There is an offer from Rome to stay longer, but I don’t know what to do yet,” she said. And: “I have a lot going on in my head right now.”

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Great performances in football temples

Weininger was an integral part and also the driving force when Austrian women’s football took off. And in recent years, I’ve also been able to experience the paradigm shift in European women’s football up close. Played in the temples of football at the Camp Nou in Barcelona, ​​Old Trafford in Manchester, the Olympic Stadium in Rome and the Allianz Arena in Munich.

A highlight was Styria, who like Arnold Schwarzenegger, comes from Thale, last summer’s European Championships. “It’s been such an extreme since the European Championships in England last summer. Women’s football has reached a lot of people there. I’ve experienced a lot, but even I thought: wow. And as a result of the Germans’ performance, there have been more spectators in the Bundesliga matches this season than any other.” time ago “.

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Now I made the decision very quickly. “Even if it’s nice right now, it has to end at some point,” she said a week ago. And: “I am not only thinking about where I want to play, but also whether to continue after the summer, but it will be over in two years at the latest.”

Even a third emerging event would be attractive, especially since it’s happening in Switzerland and in just over two years’ time. But Winninger waves at her: “I’ll be thirty-four then.”

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This continues to change generations in the women’s national team. Wenninger formed a centre-back with Viktoria Schnaderbeck in the stellar summer of 2017. In addition to the two, Nina Berger and Lisa Makasse also stopped as regular players. In addition to this, Nadine Prohaska, Jasmine Eder, and Stephanie Enzinger also ended their careers.

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