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Press comments on the first leg of the quarter-finals, Mancity, against Bayern Munich

Press comments on the first leg of the quarter-finals, Mancity, against Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich is likely to end up in the Champions League quarter-finals.

It is clear that the champions of the German record lost the first leg in Manchester City 0: 3 (0: 1), although the Munich team of coach Thomas Tuchel managed to keep up for long periods. This longstanding resistance has also been acknowledged by the international press.

he ran Shows the press release after the FCB match at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium.


picture: “Now a miracle is needed! A really big one! One of biblical proportions! Bayern fell 3-0 to Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.”

Mirror: “Upamecano missed the final knockout again for Bayern. On a good day, the Frenchman is a complete defender, quick, excellent in game-building and reliable in head-to-head duels. But Upamecano has not yet been able to get used to the tendency to make game-changing holes.”

Southgerman newspaper: “A light blue storm engulfed Bayern late on. In a Champions League game on a very high level, Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City made efficient use of individual mistakes made by Munich. Until the 70th minute, there was little in fact to signal a clear result.”


the sun: “The genius Guardiola outpace Tuchel with tactical changes in position. Erling Haaland dropped and allowed Kevin De Bruyne to run forward unhindered. John Stones skilfully moved into midfield when City had possession.”

Parents: “Erling Haaland seals Manchester City’s defeat against Bayern Munich. To the shock of the Germans’ eyes, the compatriots proved that the team is in good shape at the right time of the season.”

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Crown: Manchester City are using Bayern’s blunders mercilessly. Manchester City have created a key starting position in the battle for promotion to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. The England champions won their quarter-final first leg against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night in front of Their fans, a very deserved 3-0 part and they will hold all the trump cards in Germany next Wednesday.”


Scenery: “Blaue Watschn for Bayern! In terms of results, that was evident in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final between Manchester City and Bayern Munich: 3-0. One player in focus: Jan Sommer. Both positive. And negative.”


Gazzetta dello Sport: The semi-final in the bag of the crushing Manchester City, who crushed Bayern Munich with three goals and made the return of Allianz next Tuesday very easy, if not a formality.


sign: Manchester City and Bayern played the first leg in a duel that honors football. The key between the two European giants was decided for Guardiola’s men in the first leg (3-0) thanks to a wonderful goal from Rodri, Guardiola’s extra time on the green and a player without whom it would be incomprehensible, such a blue sky. One Machine mission