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Austrian Football Association newcomer Mohamed Sham: his best and most prominent goals - Football - Austrian Football Association

Austrian Football Association newcomer Mohamed Sham: his best and most prominent goals – Football – Austrian Football Association

123 days.

It didn’t take long for Muhammad Sham to transition from the #2 Admiral League (#LigaZwa) to the Austrian national team.

On May 13, Mo put his boots on for the last time in Hoorn to go up for Austria to Lustenau. The eventful months, and most of all, lay behind him at this point in time.

“When you’re happy, you play your best,” Sham said in March. LAOLA1. 27 goal posts made the loaned player probably the most important piece of the puzzle in Lustenau’s promotion year. His daring dribbling and unique shooting techniques make Cham unexpected.

Player of the Season Award: A logical conclusion.

So you can get an idea of ​​the newcomer of ÖFB by yourself LAOLA1 The best scenes from the previous season packed into one featured video.

Muhammad Sham: His goals, making and achievements in the 2021/22 season:

The dream becomes reality

The exclamation mark left by the young man was noticed by Claremont Foot Club and coach Pascal Justin.

Ligue 1’s debut followed initially on August 6. 85 days after his last performance in LigaZwa, the opponent is no longer called Horn, but PSG. As fanciful as that may sound, for the exceptional 21-year-old, the dream became a reality in no time at all.

Since then, Cham has made his way into the hearts of fans. Mo was in the starting lineup for seven of the eight matches, and with three goals he tops the team’s internal scorer list. Last Sunday, his first assistant joined the France Vita. And in between, the national team and Rangnick were “standing in the way”.

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This is about Sham

“We’ve been following Cham for weeks,” Rangnick revealed in the team’s announcement for the Nations League match. “He’s one of the few players who really got out of dribbling fast, who dares not only to dribble a player or two players, but also to get past them.”

its advantage? Cham has strong pressure qualities, which allow him to quickly implement the Rangnick system. “In the match against the ball, he made a big progress,” Lustenau coach Marcus Mader said. LAOLA1. In addition, Cham can be used variously in the attack, even if he prefers to give the “ten”.

Despite the great and growing interest in his person, Mo remains down to earth. A shy fellow who turns into an artist in the field with one click.

Perhaps he can actually show his strength on Thursday – of all days – in Paris against France (8:45pm. live tape) boast. It was then that only 132 days had passed between his last appearance in #LigaZwa and his team’s debut…

Zuwara Conference takes a closer look at Muhammad Sham:

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