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Roger Federer Says Goodbye to Laver Cup

Roger Federer Says Goodbye to Laver Cup

Federer is in captain Bjorn Borg’s team with Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray, among others – the “Big Four” united on one court for the first and last time in terms of competition. “We value each other very much, and we know we’ve made progress in tennis and as individuals. Being in the team for the first time would be very special,” Federer said in advance.

Federer informed his fans of his retirement last week with a long audio message. Even days later, the tribute to one of the most famous athletes did not end. “First, I wanted to write a letter and send it. Then I realized it was a huge letter, too long, maybe people wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting. Why not a voice message? Now I’m very happy. I wrote about 20 copies in total, and I went in,” Federer said. every word x times.” And what about the reactions? “I was especially pleased with the reactions to me as someone who had nothing to do with the records.”

Federer had already announced in a small circle of Swiss journalists on Tuesday that he definitely wanted to stay in the sport. “I think it’s a shame that the old top players retire and you don’t see them anymore,” the Basel player confirmed. “Everyone has their own, but that’s not me. I love this sport so much, and I want to stay close to it.”

Federer outlined these ideas at a press conference in London on Wednesday. “I’m not going to be a ghost, I wanted to tell the fans that. Bjorn Borg hasn’t been to Wimbledon in 25 years, it hurts,” Federer said, without criticizing the five-time Wimbledon champion. In any job, whether as coach, commentator or tournament director, he didn’t think Father of four is in command yet.

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Team Europe captain Bjorn Borg won’t deny him this last wish as an active player and allow Federer to run alongside Nadal in a double. Federer said of Rafael Nadal: “This is perhaps one of the beautiful messages that goes beyond sport: As long as we fight each other, we respect each other very much, get along well and develop a nice friendship.”

Aside from his many records and memorable moments, Federer may be more proud of his longevity, he said on Wednesday. “I used to be known for not playing consistently. After that I became one of the most consistent players ever. I really enjoyed staying at the top for a long time.” For more than 15 years he could say before every tournament that he hoped to win it.

The debate over the “greatest of all time” in the sport likely won’t end even after Federer’s resignation. Federer doesn’t seem to care as he now stops Nadal (22) and Djokovic (21) with 20 leading. “I am very proud of what I stand for.” He himself only thought of Grand Slam records when he got close to Pete Sampras (14 major titles). “I won my 15th at Wimbledon when Pete was sitting there. Everything after that was a bonus. I am happy to win five more titles and also won over 100 titles. But I don’t need all the records to be happy.”

He will miss many things on the tour, but most of all the audience. “The fans are the focus of everyone. Without the fans, I wouldn’t have 80 percent of those feelings.”

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Federer knew a few months ago that he was going to end his career. But it was also a decision about when, where and how. “We are all relieved that he is known. I wish I had said it sooner.” The fact that London, where he won eight Wimbledon titles and an ATP Final, would be the last place he would fit in well. “I’m sitting on the bench with Bjorn and I’m not alone after my announcement either.”

Tennis will continue to have superstars in the future, one of which is new first player Carlos Alcaraz. “It’s disappointing that I never played against him.” Tennis is “more athletic than ever”. “Whatever applies: those who can move better on the field will be the best players.”

Can you regret something as a tennis legend with so many successes? “Maybe I could have been a little more professional from a young age. But I would probably have lost my fire much earlier,” Federer knows.

Federer also has at least one big farewell show planned. All his former coaches and other friends should come to this. He wants to say “goodbye and thanks”. But that doesn’t have to be seen as a back door in the style of Serena Williams. For Federer, there is no alternative due to his age and also because of his right knee, which has now undergone surgery three times. Federer doesn’t want to reveal exactly what’s wrong with his knee. “It’s a private matter, I don’t even know a few things myself,” he explained. At least, the injury does not prevent the Swiss, who believed in returning until the last Wimbledon championships, in everyday life.

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