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Austrian Musical Theater Award: State Opera removed - Anna Netrebko also awarded

Austrian Musical Theater Award: State Opera removed – Anna Netrebko also awarded

Among the awards at the 10th Vienna Opera: Best Female Leading Role for Anna Netrebko in “Macbeth” and George Zippenfeld in “Parsifal”. The theater at the Vienna State Opera also received many awards, for example, for the best opera production (“The Fiery Angel”), for which Andrea Breth received the Director’s Prize. Awarded as the best young talent: Vera Lott Boecker as Michaela in “Carmen” (Vienna Opera House).

Conductor Seiji Ozawa was honored at the anniversary gala for his outstanding services to musical theater with the Special Award for “International Cultural Engagement”, and singer Gondola Janowitz was honored for her lifelong work. The Opera House was also honored with ORF III for “We Play for Austria” with the Special Award for “Courage and Encouragement in Times of Pandemic”. Philip Jordan was honored for his season at the Vienna Opera in the “Best Musical Achievement” category.
In the Best Supporting Role for a Woman category, Catherine Lerner won the female role in “Twice Through the Heart” at Landestheater Linz. Freddy Di Tommaso was happy to receive the award for Best Male Supporting Role as Macduff in “Macbeth” at the Vienna Opera.

Winner: opera singer George Seibenfeld

“Today, not only the Vienna State Opera is honored, but above all those artists with whom we were able to bring so much to the stage in the 2020/21 season, despite it being closed for almost seven months,” said the opera director, Bogdan Rosic. . Janowitz looked back at her 30-year international career: “I consider it a privilege that I was able to stand on the big theaters in this world for 30 years and on concert stages for another 20 years,” says the singer. “Music has defined my life and so I accept the honor of working in my life with great gratitude.”

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A special prize went to Don Giovanni from the Vienna Summer Youth Philharmonic 2 Academy in collaboration with the Graz Musical Society. In the “Music Composition” category, Sylvester Levi was honored for 30 years “Elizabeth”.