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The crew of King Charles III.  Fear of jobs - Vienna Online - Stars

The crew of King Charles III. Fear of jobs – Vienna Online – Stars

Dozens of the staff of the newly minted King Charles III. Now they must fear for their jobs.
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According to media reports, several dozen old employees of the new British King Charles III. Fear for their jobs. They were told in a letter this week while they worked overtime.

Dozens of associates of King Charles III. They are said to have been informed in a message this week, while working overtime and overtime shifts, that Charles’ accession to the throne would eliminate a number of previous jobs, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.

The crew of King Charles III. Fear for their jobs

The newspaper quoted a letter from Charles’ chief adviser, Sir Cliff Alderton. Referring to Charles and Camilla’s previous residence at Clarence House, which was responsible for their projects and duties as Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, she said: “It is expected that there will be no need for the posts attached to Clarence House.” Up to 100 employees of the house – including secretaries – are said to be Private, press teams, and other court staff – they got the message. However, final decisions should not be made until after the Queen’s state funeral, when the restructuring phase begins.

Royal family employees fear for jobs: shock is deep

For many of them, there must be socially acceptable solutions – such as jobs in other parts of the royal family or generous severance payments. Charles III becomes a close-knit team of partners. Continue to accompany him in his new role as king. However, the shock must be profound: The Guardian quotes an informed source saying that everyone is “absolutely outraged” and “visibly shocked”.

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Royal family spokesman: layoffs will be inevitable

A Clarence House spokesman told the newspaper that work was being done urgently to find alternative employment for most of the workers. However, some layoffs will be “inevitable”.