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Austrian Sport Finals: 6000 Powerful Arguments for Sport

Austrian Sport Finals: 6000 Powerful Arguments for Sport

Gerd Bischover, General Manager of Sport Austria spoke about the second edition, the good response and the upcoming World Games with 70 Austrians.

From Harold Ottawa

An extended and exciting weekend with nearly 6000 athletes at 22 sports venues gives you courage for the future. In Graz, the second Austrian sports final went smoothly, unlike the premiere last year, the audience was also part of the sports party.

“There were very attractive competitions for the public, such as the Schlossberg ice skating or the cheerleading competition. In addition, more than 30 winners were crowned in the different state championships”, says Gerd Bischofer, General Manager of Sport Austria. The city of Graz also agreed. “This is a huge tribute to the athletes who train every day and are not in the spotlight much. This event has received a huge boost.”

Also internationally. In July, 70 Austrians will represent the country in Birmingham (USA) at the World Games.

You can see what Bischofter has to say about the successful return of club members, school projects or winter sports campaigns in the following video.

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