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European Handball Championship: Austria wants a big sensation after the upset

European Handball Championship: Austria wants a big sensation after the upset

like Austria national team The group's competitors in the preliminary round of the tournament European Handball Championship 2024 After the draw, it was assumed that after the second match the promoted teams would be up against the international teams Croatia And Spain Practically fixed.

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The fact that this is not the case is exciting and interesting. Austria's men are fighting today In Mannheim against the European Championship finalists Spain (8.30pm, ORF Sport+) at Place on the main tour. Starting point: After Spain's 29:39 loss to Croatia Austria needs at least one point Against two-time world and European champions.

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That's difficult and impossible actually against a team like this. But that was against Croatia. At 28:28 on Sunday, Austria put itself in a position where the confrontation against Spain was the final match in the preliminary round.

President of the Austrian national team Alice Bajovic “That was one of those games,” he said of the match against Croatia Crazy game. The beginning was not good. But we showed character. Ten minutes later, our defense was back with a 6-0 run. This was it The key to victory“.

And of course the Slovenian knew after the draw: “The point was a victory for us. I'm very happy with how happy the boys are with our fans and how very quiet the 10,000 Croatians in the stadium are.

Role models

Pajović was aware of the importance of the 28:28 draw in Austrian handball. “I have received a lot of messages. I hope all the young handball players in Austria will be happy to go to the next training session in the hall today.

His players dealt with their aches and pains on Monday. Meadowsweet Tobias Wagner He admitted after the numerous duels against the powerful Croats: Today was expected to be a difficult day.

Robert Weber vs Croatia

© Photo: APA/Eva Manhart

Head held high

The Austrians know they are in a play-off against Spain Once again a blatant outsider We are. But they also know this little advantage, like veterans Robert Weber He stresses: “We can do this even in the event of defeat.” With his head held high Exit. This brings a little relaxation. We want In the main round. The Spaniards must do this He. She.”

This circumstance encourages the Austrians to… In the right direction Developed. “If we keep this up, we won't be strangers anymore,” says team boss Bajovic. Weber, a 38-year-old outside player, describes the difference from previous tournaments: “Four years ago, a few of us were still almost kids. Humanly mature. Everyone has one now important role “He returns to his club and brings that experience to the team.”

Weber has already seen a lot. He knows: “If you see how the Croats marched over the Spaniards, you can Fear and anxiety Become. But we have them now Quality to score against such major countriesEven if we were late.”

Failed in Spain

Caoldi Odriozola broke his foot against Romania (36:24) in the European Championship runner-up and has already left. The public is aware of the unexpected pressures against Austria. Sports daily Marca wrote: “With their success against Croatia, Austria is putting pressure on the Spaniards to achieve victory in the final round of the match.”

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