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Austrians often send the goods back when shopping online

Austrians often send the goods back when shopping online

Austrians have few inhibitions about returning ordered goods online. Nearly 85 percent of items are returned, and only 15 percent say they never return anything, shows an online survey of 1,000 people conducted on behalf of the Austrian e-commerce quality brand.

70 percent of all revenue is for apparel, footwear or accessories, followed by sporting and leisure goods (14 percent) and consumer electronics (9 percent). In the case of clothing, nearly 40 percent know in advance that they are going to send something.

Dressing room at home

“Your home is increasingly becoming a dressing room,” Thorsten Behrens, managing director of Austrian e-commerce quality brand Thorsten said, according to a radio broadcast on Wednesday. Two-thirds of items are returned because the size or cut is not appropriate. Cumbersome returns or complicated cancellations are the absolute “taboo” when shopping online, says Byrnes. 95 percent of respondents believe it is important that this be possible without much effort, and 65 percent choose online providers that allow free returns.

Exorbitant shipping costs are also the most common reason why customers cancel online purchases, even if the desired product has already been found and is in the virtual shopping cart.

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