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Why companies should keep their profits from the crisis

Why companies should keep their profits from the crisis

If questionable economic policy is to be financed by an excess profits tax, the profits of the crisis are better off with corporations.

In July, inflation in Austria crossed the 9.2 percent threshold, as Austria stats announced on Friday. But experts are already predicting the next rise in prices. Household energy is likely to become more expensive when energy suppliers in the East adjust consumer prices in the fall. It cannot be ruled out that inflation in Austria will reach double digits before it recedes again over the next few years.

On the day the Austrian Statistics Authority published its rapid inflation estimates for July, the US company Axon Standard result. Expensive oil and gas helped the drilling giant make the biggest quarterly profit for an oil company in history. It was before too seashells French utility company Total Energies set records. As in Austria, the partially state-owned energy supplier Verbund, which doubled its net profit in the first half of the year due to higher wholesale prices. Moreover OMV He made good characters.

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