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Austria’s 3×3 basketball players beat the United States to win the silver medal

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The Austrian women’s national team made history at the end of the 3 × 3 summer: Anja Fuchs-Robedin, Sarah Sagarer, Rebecca Kalaitjeev And Simon Sil won the silver medal in the semifinals of the World Tour in Montreal (CAN) by beating the basketball world power, the United States!

In second place is the best placement for a local basketball team to reach the highest level.
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“I have to be honest: I’m a little talkative,” said team boss Stano Steljammer in a truly unbelievable evening of victory. “The women here have rewarded themselves for their hard and very professional work throughout the summer. Every player in our 3 × 3 program – including those who are not here – played a key role in this victory! With 10: 8, the red-white-red women won the semifinal highlight against the United States.

After the Austrians conceded defeat to the Americans by only one point in the group, they were hot for the semifinals – and showed from the outset that excitement was possible on this day. Chil, in particular, thrilled her first match on this scale, and Sagerer made life difficult for American women – and 17:15 led Austria to a thrilling victory.

In the final against Spain everything was possible in the final seconds, with a score of 15:16 just seven seconds before the end, with a bad defeat and a thin defeat, which feels like a win anyway. And exactly. Second place not only brought in a $ 3,000 prize money, but also one of the biggest wins in Austrian basketball history.

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