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The first unicorn for Carsten Mashmeyer in the United States

Mashmeyer’s US fund involved in launch of preventive hygiene for MGV employees (photo)

Munich, San Francisco (OTS)

  • Mashmeyer Group’s first American unicorn “Modern Health”
  • The estimate rose from $ 12 million to $ 1.17 billion – a 98-fold increase in three years
  • The site for mental and physical health has been in the portfolio since 2018

Through its US-funded MGV, the Mashmeyer Group was one of the first donors to invest in modern healthcare. Three years later, founder Alison Watson achieved her San Francisco-based unicorn status.

Modern Health is a platform for mental and physical health for employees in innovative companies. They offer one-on-one therapy, training and self-guidance courses. In this way, the company makes an important contribution to the prevention of burns and other mental illnesses. The nerve-wracking title of the period.

Mashmeyer’s MGV (Mashmeyer Group Ventures) entered the first financial round in March 2018 with an estimated value of US $ 12 million. Modern Health has now completed another financial round led by Peter Thiel. New estimate: $ 1.17 billion, an increase of 98x in three years. Last year, Alison Watson tripled its staff and doubled its customer base to 220+. Companies like Pixar and Carta are now among the customers.

Carsten Mashmeyer, CEO of the Mashmeyer Group: “As one of the first investors in modern healthcare, I am particularly proud to have helped design this milestone. Mark Schrடர்der is doing a great job with his MGV team, and it shows how important it is. To be embedded.

Mark Schrடர்der, Managing Director, MGV: “Modern health is only the second contract we ‘have made in the United States. We were able to go down this path, and will continue to do so.

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About the Mashmeyer team: Mashmeyer Group The family office of Carsten Mashmeyer is located in Munich. Besides Allstin Capital (Munich) and Seed + Speed ​​Ventures (Berlin), MGV | Mashmeyer Group Initiatives in the Financial Structure of CEO Carsten Mashmeyer. MGV specializes in seed investments based in the southern park of San Francisco. Topics include Insertech, Fintech and Enterprise Technology. Managing partner Mark Schrடர்der has been working with his 6-member team in the United States as the MaskMayer Group vehicle since 2017.

About Modern Health: Modern Health is a mental health and wellness platform that integrates WHO health assessment, self-service health tools, a global network of certified practitioners, and licensed therapists in 35 languages ​​into a single application. Founded in 2017, Modern Health integrates evidence-based psychological principles with seamless technology to meet the needs of businesses around the world. Modern Health is headquartered in San Francisco and has received more than $ 172 million in funding from founders Finance, Battery Ventures, Felicity Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, formerly Capital, MGV, Frederick Kerst (co-founder of Octa) and 01 consultants.

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