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Author Matthias Gröling-Mödlinger writes about his “encounters with Ulrich Seidl”

Author Matthias Gröling-Mödlinger writes about his “encounters with Ulrich Seidl”

Film journalist, author and film director Maudling (“The Farmer at Nathal: Not a Film About Thomas Bernhard”) Matthias Gröling revived Das Feuilleton just a few weeks ago as part of an editorial trio.

Now he has published a book, especially since he has often met with one of the most controversial local directors: Ulrich Seidl, who shot “Dog Days” or “Paradise Love” and whose last film “Sparta” sparked heated controversy due to production conditions. He was subjected to severe criticism in Romania. Among other things, children are said to have been treated inappropriately on set. Seidel himself has rejected all allegations.

Groling has now combed through all of his notes, interviews, scripts and reviews relating to Seidel over the past 25 years in order to condense the collection into a book in which he takes a critical look at the director “on the one hand, but also for whom there is ‘room for comment on the way he works and the claims he makes’”.

The 150-page book is “a comprehensive compendium of the work of a film artist who is not only controversial, but also had a major influence on Austrian film in its international perception.” Greuling has known Ulrich Seidl since the premiere of his first feature film, “Hundstage,” in Venice in 2001.

“At the time, you could already guess the extraordinary international career this director would have. But also his films would offend people in many places,” recalls Groeling. “For him, the book was a ‘need’ because it gave me the opportunity.” To examine my extensive notes on Seidl in order to get to the essence of this directory.

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“Encounters with Ulrich Seidl” – celluloid edition – available in every bookstore or in