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Netflix Documentary: 5 statements Meghan and Harry made untrue

Netflix Documentary: 5 statements Meghan and Harry made untrue

However, the statements are also not meant to be entirely true to the truth. According to royal sources cited by Nikkah, the Duchess of Sussex was not given any guidelines as to who among her family and friends should or should not attend her wedding.

A source told Nakha, “This hasn’t happened. We haven’t given any advice or direction as to who should or shouldn’t attend her wedding among her family members or friends. I have a very clear memory of them.” [Meghan] She said she had a niece who, under other circumstances, she would have liked to invite, but she did not want to invite her because that would have put her under intense scrutiny.”

The justification from the palace reads “We will never tell her not to invite her niece to the wedding and we will never engage in the management of personal relations”.

Megan’s mother Doria Ragland She was the only member of her family to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding at St George’s Chapel in Windsor in 2018.

“Harry was worried Meghan didn’t have any family at the wedding, which might sound strange,” a source said, adding, “Meghan didn’t want the media to know about Ashley. No one in the world would have said that.” We invite any family to the wedding. This is a complete and utter lie. We wanted more family there so it would be less weird for them.”


Prince Harry claims he was forced to propose to his then-girlfriend in the UK and claims he had to get permission from his grandmother, the Queen, before he could propose to his girlfriend. At Nottingham Cottage on the grounds of Kensington Palace, he would then propose to your loved one while Meghan prepares dinner. “I wanted to do it earlier, but because I had to ask my grandmother for permission, I couldn’t do it outside the UK,” Harry recalled in the documentary.

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In fact, Nikah agrees, the late Queen has given her grandson official permission to marry American actress Meghan Markle.

However, the claim that Harry should have proposed to Meghan in England is called into question. After all, Prince William had proposed to his girlfriend and future wife, Kate, in Africa.