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Authority Hacker’s Rating: These Are the 10 Most Influential Celebrities in America

Authority Hacker’s Rating: These Are the 10 Most Influential Celebrities in America

SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk is “only” the second most influential celebrity in America.

The influence of celebrities in today’s digital age is significant. The spread of social media allows them to spread their messages to a wider audience. Authority Hacker, an online marketing consultancy, has researched which 10 celebrities in the US are the most popular.

And the winner is…? According to Authority Hacker, she is a pop singer and songwriter Taylor Swift The most influential American woman ever. The 33-year-old is currently wrapping up his most successful tour of all time with “Eras,” which garners more than 4.5 million searches on Google every month. The Pennsylvania-born singer, who is said to be in a relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, can earn up to $625,700 per sponsored post on social media, an online marketing consulting firm has found. Has reached 274 million followers on Instagram.

Tech Mogul and X-Owner are second in the top 10 rankings Elon Musk. The billionaire is the second most influential celebrity in the US and receives an average of 2.8 million Google searches each month across all US states. Although the Tesla founder is only active on social media on his own social network X (formerly Twitter), his reach and influence are undeniably large. Bronze is awarded at this rank LeBron James. With over 2.7 million Google searches per month, the backpacker, who plays power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers, is the third most influential American celebrity.

The popstar narrowly missed out on the winner’s podium Rihanna No. In 4. On average, 2.4 million people search for the 35-year-old Barbadian R&B singer, who also has her own fashion and beauty brand, on Google each month. Fifth most influential celebrity in America Selena Gomez, which receives over 2 million Google searches each month. The actress and musician has more than 430 million followers on Instagram and is ahead of her ex-boyfriend on the authority hacker rankings. Justin BieberIt ranks 9th with 1.6 million searches per month.

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2 million Google searches a month are football world champions and Hard Rock Cafe is proof Lionel Messi Selena Gomez’s equal and comes just ahead of the reality TV star Kim Kardashian At number 7 are two pop stars Ariana Grande And Billie Eilish Finish the top 10 ranking with an average of 1.7 and 1.6 million Google searches.

“This study highlights the power and range of celebrity in our digital age. Of course, musicians have great influence, but it’s exciting to see how a mix of talent, from entrepreneurs to athletes, is captivating American audiences.” , Mark Webster, co-founder of Authority Hacker, comments on the study results. “While the platforms and trends change, the impact remains the same – the ability to connect and resonate with a wide audience. From Taylor Swift’s musical prowess to Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial spirit, this study recognizes those who have become American. Pop culture.”
For the assessment, Commission Hacker analyzed 50 strong social media accounts with the most subscriptions or followers across three platforms: Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This resulted in the release of a preliminary list of 90 celebrities. To accurately represent the influence of each celebrity, a cross-site analysis was conducted. Google Keyword Planner was used to rank these celebrities based on their average monthly Google searches. Then the top 10 places were decided.