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China and US: Foreign Minister for “deep dialogue”.

China and US: Foreign Minister for “deep dialogue”.

In a meeting in Washington, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stressed the importance of dialogue between their two countries. Speaking to reporters yesterday (local time), Wang said the two countries have important common interests and challenges that need to be addressed together. That is why China and the US need to negotiate.

“Not only do we need to start the conversation again, but it needs to be deeper and more comprehensive,” Wang said. “I agree with what the Secretary of State has said,” Blinken said after issuing his counter-statement.

The three-day visit by the Chinese foreign minister is the latest in a series of diplomatic talks between the two countries to avoid conflict.

A meeting with Biden is expected

He is also expected to talk to US President Joe Biden during his visit to the White House. His US trip is primarily to prepare for a summit between Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping expected in November.

A top priority for the U.S. government is to prevent fierce competition between the world’s two largest economies and disagreements over a range of issues including trade, Taiwan and the South China Sea from escalating into conflict.

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