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Automatic AV shutdown saves electricity

Automatic AV shutdown saves electricity

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Save electricity costs in the office, store or showroom with smart energy chips

Zwetel (pts005/07/11/2022/10:00) –

The current state of electricity cost is heating up the debate about potential savings in the commercial sector. The surprisingly high power consumption of media technology in standby mode is particularly annoying. Smart IP Socket Strips help reduce these electricity costs by automatically turning off media and audio and video technology in meeting rooms, shops and showrooms.

sustainable energy management

Media technology systems, such as those often used in meeting rooms, showrooms, or stores, often run on standby at night or on the weekend. With a large number of devices, this becomes a cost-intensive no-use, which, in addition to technical and functional questions, increasingly raises the question of the most sustainable possible operation and associated cost savings. In addition, the service life of the devices is shortened by continuous 24/7 operation.

Turning off the device after about two years

In addition to purely economic considerations, electricity savings also lead to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. According to calculations by the PDU manufacturer GUDE, the smart conduction chips (IPDUs) pay for themselves after only two years. In calculating a scenario for a medium-sized meeting room with 13 audiovisual equipment, 5 of which had to be turned off, a potential saving of €200 per year (equivalent to about 500 kg CO2) was determined using the expert power controller IPDU 8031-3. As That Expert UPS and PDU Ing. Markus Schuh of BellEquip, a lower Austrian system provider of infrastructure solutions for the efficient and secure operation of electronic applications, is also enthusiastic: “Our customers are always surprised by the significant savings that can be achieved with a simple solution, such as IP PDUs achievable and the short amortization period speaks for itself. “

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Easy shutdown programming via IPDU web server

In order to take power-hungry consumers such as off-grid power packs, control systems and extenders, the upstream power distribution unit of AV devices is connected as a central component of the network. The shutdown is programmed via the IPDU’s built-in web server, which provides a corresponding configuration interface. This is password protected and can be accessed from any computer in the network. In this way, audio and video applications can be automatically turned off outside of business hours at night and on weekends, reducing electricity costs and carbon dioxide emissions.
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