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AVL and Red Bull are developing high-tech fuel cells

AVL and Red Bull are developing high-tech fuel cells


AVL announced Tuesday that it will work with Red Bull Advanced Technologies to develop an ultra-light fuel cell with the highest energy density. This should be able to be used in motorsport and aviation.

End of 2022 wurde am AVL owners of weltweit größten Testfelder für Brennstoffzellen- und Elektrolysesysteme eröffnet: Die rund 600 Quadratmeter große Anlage umfasst etwa 20 Hochleistungsteststände, wouch Polymer-Electrolyt-Brennestoffzellsysteme (PEM) has more than 400 kilowatts of energy. ability.

“Knowledge Partnership Packages”

The development partnership between AVL and Red Bull Advanced Technologies aims to apply hydrogen-powered sustainable drive systems in high-performance sectors such as automotive, motorsport and aviation, it said on Tuesday. Joint studies have already shown that radical improvements can be achieved in the gravimetric energy density – that is, the energy per mass (watts per kilogram) of the battery.

“This partnership brings together the knowledge and experience of our experts – and enables us to increase the gravimetric energy density of our fuel cell technology by a factor of three,” says Jürgen Reichberger, Vice President of AVL, optimistically.

Technology from Formula 1 to other areas

The project demonstrates “how cutting-edge technology from Formula 1 can help solve the challenges the world faces,” explains Rob Gray, technical director of Red Bull Advanced Technologies. The company, based in Milton Keynes in the UK, was founded in 2014 with the aim of applying aspects of Formula 1 technology to other challenges, both in motorsport and elsewhere.