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Large-scale operation at the school in Bayerbach

Large-scale operation at the school in Bayerbach

It is believed that 55 people were exposed to chemical fumes.

After experimenting with chemistry at the new middle school in Bayerbach (Neunkirchen district) Three people were taken to hospital on Tuesday.

According to data from Andreas Zenkerspokesman Red Cross Lower Austria55 people – most of them students – were exposed to the fumes. There were complaints of nausea, dizziness, and respiratory irritation. According to police, the alcohol may have been mixed with carboxylic acids.

Two schools were evacuated

The incident occurred with a police spokeswoman Manuela Winkeren Depending on lunch time. Among those seeking medical care Wiener Neustadt State Hospital According to their statements, the people who were brought were two girls and a boy. All children attending were subjected to a health examination and then handed over to their families.

as no (Lower Austria News) was reported online, perhaps a routine experiment was conducted at school. As a result, the concentration of vapors is said to have reached or exceeded a critical level, the Red Cross's Zenker said. Abba.

The mayor confirmed that the new middle school and the adjacent elementary school had been evacuated as a precaution Jochen Boss In conversation with ORF Lower Austria.

The Red Cross was deployed with nine vehicles. According to Zenker, there were also three emergency doctors and a crisis intervention team on site. The fire department also responded, according to District Commander Joseph Hooper, and the priority task was to ventilate the property.

The police report is sent to the prosecutor's office in Wiener Neustadt. The prosecution must check whether there is a criminally relevant offense – such as negligent endangerment of the public.

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